Policy Environments and Processes

Mapping the policy environments relevant to the determinants of NCDs

Lead: Assoc Prof Maylene Shung King

This work is being led by RICHE (University of Cape Town), working closely with Priority Cost Effective Lessons for System Strengthening South Africa (PRICELESS) and Cambridge, with contributions from all Partners. Project work will include:

  • Mapping the current national policy environments in the Partner settings relevant to the determinants of diet and physical activity. Examining policies across relevant sectors, including but not limited to agriculture, transport and urban planning, finance and health. The existence of mechanisms (both within and outside government) supporting inter-sectoral policy formulation and implementation will be explored.
  • There will be strong emphasis on using appropriate theoretical frameworks to understand the drivers of the policy process in the different settings, and their similarities and differences. These findings will be used to improve engagement between the research teams and national policy makers and to better support effective knowledge translation.
  • Detailed protocols (including for document reviews and key informant interviews) for this work will be drawn up in months 10 to 12 (Apr, May 2018), with training of data collectors in months 13 and 14 (Jun, Jul 2018), and data collection in months 15 to 24 (Aug 2018 to May 2019), with a further 6 months for analysis and write up.