Our Research

GDAR is working to deliver high quality, novel and policy-relevant research within a relatively short time period. Our aim is that work will also lay the foundations for a well-functioning Network that is capable of attracting funding to be sustained beyond June 2020.

The priorities for research have been set jointly with our partners and informed by consultation with their stakeholders. Leadership for different aspects of the research, and activities to build capacity, are shared according to expertise across the whole network.

As well as helping to develop interventions to improve diet and promote physical activity that are relevant to the local context of Network partners, much our research will take place across two or more partner countries, to take advantage of having access to different settings and addressing questions on how different (or not) the determinants of diet and physical activity are in those settings.

Our research will also seek to find more generalisable answers to questions that could be relevant to initiatives to improve health across low and middle income settings beyond the Network.

The current Work Packages in the GDAR research portfolio are: