GDAR is funded through the NIHR Global Health Research initiative.

NIHR Global Health Research builds on existing expertise within the UK and the wider global health research community to commission and support internationally outstanding applied health research which addresses issues affecting the poorest and most vulnerable people in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) using Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding.

GDAR was successful in applying to the NIHR Financial Assurance Fund to support financial management capacity building with our LMIC partners and the convergence of financial standards. The funds will be used to leverage expertise and best practice across the GDAR Network as a whole, to strengthen the existing foundations for financial management and to enable knowledge exchange. This will include hosting a financial capacity building workshop in Cambridge during September 2019, which will be attended by Finance Officers from each of the Network partners.

GDAR Directorate and Network Steering Group

Prof Nick Wareham:Director of the MRC Epidemiology Unit and Director of the Global Diet and Activity Research (GDAR) Group and Network.

Dr Tolullah Oni, Clinical Senior Research Associate and Joint Lead for GDAR.

A full list of researchers and staff in the GDAR Group and Network can be found here.

The Network Steering Group consists of research leads and support staff from all members of the Network. It meets monthly by teleconference and periodically face to face.

International Strategic Advisory Group (ISAG)

The GDAR International Strategic Advisory Group advises the GDAR Director, Joint Lead and the Network Steering Group on GDAR scientific strategy, in the light of public health developments in relevant settings and potential added value from the diversity of settings, contexts and cultures.

The group meets at least annually and its members are available throughout the year to provide advice to GDAR members.

Specifically, its role is to:

  • Advise the GDAR Director on the development of the UK-based Group, and its co-development with CEDAR and the GDAR Network
  • Advise the GDAR Director, Joint Lead and Network Steering Group on:
    • The strategic direction of the GDAR Network
    • Capacity building for research and research translation in relevant LMIC settings
    • Communications, dissemination and impact strategy and activities
    • Potential synergies and added value from research in diverse settings, cultures and context
  • Contribute to providing expertise and a network of contacts to facilitate dialogue on policy issues and research translation

Network Evaluation

GDAR commissioned an independent formative evaluation of the GDAR Network. This was conducted between February and July 2020 by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). Read more.